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Grow your wealth securely through nkongolakos’ peer-to-peer investment platform.
You can fund loans of your choice on the platform and make up to 50% per annum

How it Works

Getting started

All you have to do is sign up and pick a loan from a list that are available for funding.


keep track of funded loans and how they are doing.

Risk free

If a loan is defaulted don’t worry, Nkongolako will settle your investment within a month. You never lose.


About the Investor

Basic information is required to get started. Fill all fields in the form at Create Investor account page.

  • Front and back images of NRC
  • Picture of yourself
  • Names, Phone number, email

Please note that we collect this imformation for security reasons only.

Tutorial Videos

How Peer-to-peer loan investment works

  1. You will have to create an investor account. or if you already registered login into an investor account.
  2. On the platform, you wll be able to manage your account from the top links which are :
    • Available Loan Investments : This page holds a list of loans which you can bid for.
    • My Loan Investments : This shows loans you have invested in, Loans you are bidding for and all past investments you've made.
    • View Investor accounts : You can see your account balance from here.
    • My Profile : your personal information.
  3. To make an investment you first have to deposit cash into your account via mobile money. which will reflect in the investor account. Please note : The balance in the investor account will accumulate an interest per month if not invested.

Why Nkongolakos' Peer-to-peer investment

  1. Zero Risk : We handle all the risk from borrowers and totally secure your investment. Please Note : If a borrower defaults on a loan we will settle you within a week so you don't have to worry.
  2. Transparent : All the information concerning loans is visible on the platform, release dates, status and duration of loans. Plus we offer both in-person assistance at our offices in lusaka or online assistance.

Get Started

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